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Depression is a treatable condition, even in its most severe of form. A range of treatment options should be provided. The two most common forms offered are counselling and medication. These are often used in combination – particularly in more severe cases.

For many, being treated for depression can seem an impossible task, but the sooner help is sought the better. In some cases, the illness can disappear without treatment. This is not always the case however and there is a danger that living with the condition will put significant emotional and physical strain on your health and well-being. Therefore, many people with depression opt for treatment.

Regardless of what your head may tell you, you are not alone, you deserve to be heard and there is always someone willing to listen.

~ Karl’s Story

Sometimes it’s instantly apparent what the cause is, but other times there isn’t an obvious reason why you feel so down. It could be that you’ve lost something or someone, or it could stem from disappointment or frustration. Usually, there will be more than one reason why you suffer from depression, and these reasons differ from person to person.

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